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Read cdxj files produced by Pywb using node.js.

Run npm install cdxj or yarn add cdxj to get started

npm Package

Example usage

Example 1

const CDXJReader = require('cdxj')
async function getMeSomeCDXJ () {
  let cdxj = await CDXJReader.readCDXJ('<path-to-cdxj-file>')
  cdxj.forEach(cdxjEntry => {
     console.log(`The URL in surt form for this entry is: ${cdxjEntry.surt}`)
     console.log(`The raw datetime for this entry is: ${cdxjEntry.dt}`)
     console.log(`The json data for this entry is: ${cdxjEntry.json}`)

Example 2

const CDXJReader = require('cdxj')
const cdxjStream = CDXJReader.createReadStream('<path-to-cdxj-file>')
cdxjStream.on('data', cdxjEntry => { 


Full API documentation available at

JavaScript Style Guide