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cdk-web 🚀 DEMO

💪  AWS CDK compiled for web (and Node!)

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cdk-web and aws-cdk-web are functionally identical packages on npm. read about the differences below.


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via npm

npm install --save cdk-web aws-sdk

via unpkg

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<script src=""></script>

sample app

const CDK = require("cdk-web");
const cdk = CDK.require("aws-cdk-lib");
const ec2 = CDK.require("aws-cdk-lib/aws-ec2");
const sqs = CDK.require("aws-cdk-lib/aws-sqs");
const sns = CDK.require("aws-cdk-lib/aws-sns");
const s3 = CDK.require("aws-cdk-lib/aws-s3");
const app = new cdk.App();
const stack = new cdk.Stack(app, "BrowserStack");
const vpc = new ec2.Vpc(stack, "VPC");
const queue = new sqs.Queue(stack, "Queue");
const topic = new sns.Topic(stack, "Topic");
const bucket = new s3.Bucket(stack, "Bucket");
const assembly = await app.synth();

cdk-web vs cdk

  • cdk-web does not have a dependency on any NPM packages
  • cdk-web is and will always be compatible with "strict" mode
  • cdk-web core framework weighs a whopping 200MB less than native CDK
  • cdk-web runs much faster than CDK thanks to it being entirely in-memory
  • cdk-web is a symmetrical package that works both in Node and web browsers
  • cdk-web is compressed and goes through the Closure Compiler on each release
  • cdk-web is arguably securer than CDK, again thanks to it being entirely in-memory
  • cdk-web allows you to Bring Your Own AWS SDK bundle (details here)


npm run build builds cdk-web. everything is bundled in dist/cdk-web.js. you may open up dist/index.html in your browser if you want to just play with the compiled bundle. you can build a dev bundle verbosely with DEBUG='CdkWeb*' and CDK_WEB_DEBUG=1 environment variables set.


testing is done by Puppeteer. the actual generated bundle is loaded into Puppeteer and tests are executed against it. run npm test to execute them. tests are executed twice: once in Puppeteer vs. native CDK as ground truth, and once in NodeJS to make sure the final bundle is also usable and sane in NodeJS-like environments. Coverage is also collected in NodeJS mode solely due to the fact that currently the toolchain does not have sufficient support to collect coverage in Puppeteer (which would be ideal). Although, NodeJS coverage is a good estimate of where everything is at.


cdk-web ships with a single .d.ts file that gives you the same typings as the native cdk. to get it to work, check out docs/ typings for aws-cdk-lib and constructs are bundled as well.

cdk-web vs aws-cdk-web

The two packages are identical, mirrored, and released to at the same time. You may use the other mirror if you are behind a corporate proxy and your NPM packages go through a third-party repository such as Artifactory. The mirror does not list any packages as devDependencies in its package.json. This prevents cdk-web to be incorrectly flagged as vulnerable due to its outdated devDependencies. cdk-web is a compiled project. Its compiler and toolchain being outdated does not impact its runtime. It's all client side JavaScript anyway. The mirror is only provided for your convenience.

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