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    CdkTable Table Exporter

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    !! If you are using angular material please use mat-table-exporter

    This project facilitates the common functionalities for CdkTable implementations abstracting the behavior that can change among different CdkTable implementations, see mat-table-exporter for angular material table export.

    Getting Started

    Install cdk-table-exporter if you are not using angular material in your project. In this case you have to implement your version of CdkTableExporter abstract class to use as your directive.

    npm install --save cdk-table-exporter

    NOTE: For the previous major versions of Angular install version 1.2.5

    npm install --save cdk-table-exporter@1.2.5

    After installing cdk-table-exporter import CdkTableExporterModule in your ngModule

    import { CdkTableExporterModule } from 'cdk-table-exporter';
      imports: [


    CdkTableExporter class defines the common functionality that an exporter directive should have. By extending it an implementing the abstract methods you will have an exporter of your own. Thus the usage is simply as follows:

    1. Generate a directive class
    2. Extend CdkTableExporter class implement the abstract methods


    This project is a library project inside ng-material-extensions angular workspace. If you are interested in the source code of this particular library you can get ready and build the project by applying the steps below:

    1. Do npm install in ng-material-extensions directory
    2. Do npm install in ng-material-extensions\projects\cdk-table-exporter directory
    3. Go to ng-material-extensions directory
    4. Build it:
    ng build cdk-table-exporter
    1. You can run the showcase application and see your changes in action. In ng-material-extensions run ng s -o


    Support & Donations

    Feel free to show your support. Donating supporters will be added into Supporters section inside the of the repository.

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