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    Pilot your rgb led matrix with Nodejs on Raspberry Pi ! Nodejs binding of rpi-rgb-led-matrix library

    **Fork of: easybotics/node-rpi-rgb-led-matrix

    It is binding recent version of rpi-rgb-led-matrix library.

    Installation with npm

    $ npm i cd-node-rpi-rgb-led-matrix

    Installation with git

    $ git clone --recursive
    $ cd node-rpi-rgb-led-matrix
    $ npm i

    Get some Fun

    var LedMatrix = require("cd-rpi-rgb-led-matrix");
    //init a 16 rows  by 16 cols led matrix
    //default hardware mapping is 'regular', could be 'adafruit-hat-pwm' ect
    var matrix = new LedMatrix(16, 16 );
    matrix.fill(255, 50, 100);
    matrix.setPixel(0, 0, 0, 50, 255);

    The API has changed somewhat since the zeitungen version

    LedMatrix API

    All operations modify a local frame buffer, only after calling 'Update' are they printed to the display

    • Constructor: LedMatrix(rows, cols, chainedDisplays, parallelDisplays, brightness, hardware-mapping, pixel-mapping) default values are rows=32, cols=32, chainedDisplays=1, parallelDisplay=1, brightness=100, pixel-mapping="", hardware-mapping=regular, disable_hardware_pulse=false
    • getWidth() return current led matrix width
    • getHeight() return current led matrix height
    • fill(red, green, blue) fill the led matrix buffer with color specified by red, green and blue. red, green and blue must be between 0 and 255
    • setPixel(x, y, red, green, blue) set the color pixel at the position x,y with color specified by red, green and blue. red, green and blue must be between 0 and 255. x must be between 0 and getWidth(). y must be between 0and getGeight()
    • drawText(x, y, r, g, b, text, fontFile) draws colored text to the buffer
    • drawCircle(x, y, radius, r, g, b) draws colored circle to the buffer
    • drawLine(x0, y0, x1, y1, r, g, b) draws colored lines to the buffer
    • clear() reset the led matrix display buffer (shut down all leds)
    • update() draw the current buffer to the display with vsync


    npm i cd-rpi-rgb-led-matrix

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