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CCY Icons

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A set of 330+ meticulously combed currency icons (fiat and crypto) so that they:

  • Render in a uniform, consistently sized manner.
  • Use currentColor so that they can be easily colored using CSS color property.
  • Don't contain excess junk.

SVGs can be directly used, or they can be used as React components for example:

// Your build needs an .svg loader (many such as CRA have it built in).
import btcIcon from 'ccy-icons/icons/btc.svg' // And render it <img src={btcIcon} />

// Or in React:
import { BTC } from 'ccy-icons' // and render the component <BTC />

Important: icons don't set a width and height, you should set one or both with CSS, or allow the icon to fill its container.


  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Run your SVG through and then add it to src/icons.
  3. yarn install, yarn build, yarn link.
  4. cd www, yarn install, yarn link ccy-icons, yarn start.
  5. Check that your icon looks correct (uses currentColor so switching theme works, has a viewBox, has no width or height attributes). If it doesn't then import your icon into Sketch or Figma, re-export (with trim transparent pixels), and re-run your svg through SVGOMG.
  6. Once happy raise a PR including a screenshot of the icon in-situ.

Dev notes

To batch optimize/clean SVGs:

cd icons
svgo *.svg --config=svgo.yml

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