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cconv - A Coordinate Conversion node module

In the chaotic world of GIS coordinate systems, a node module rises to bring a message of hope and understanding.

This module converts from geodesic latitude/longitude(degrees) to projected coordinates Easting/Northing (meters), and also the other way around.


var cconv= require('cconv');

cB = cconv(sridA, sridB, cA, f);

var sridA = 4258; The srid of the coordinate system (eg: ETRS89)

var sridB = 3035; The srid of the projected system (eg: ETRS89-LAEA)


var f = true;

var cA = [50.000,5.000]; [ latitude, longitude]

var cB = []; [ Easting, Northing ]


var f = true;

var cA = [3962799.45, 2999718.85 ]; [ Easting, Northing ]

var cB = []; [ latitude, longitude ]


npm install cconv


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