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Pipe for using the CANBus Triple with Wireshark


clone the repo: git clone

install dependancies: npm install

run: node index.js /dev/cu.usbmodem1421

Wireshark Setup

  • Press Control+K to open 'Capture Settings'
  • Click Manage Interfaces Button
  • Select the Pipes Tab
  • Click the New button
  • Enter '/tmp/cbtbus1' for Linux/Unix/MacOS or '\\?\pipe\cbtbus1' for Windows
  • Click Save then Close

Each CAN bus on the CANBus Triple will get its own pipe:

  • /tmp/cbtbus1
  • /tmp/cbtbus2
  • /tmp/cbtbus3

Wireshark Setup

Get them packets

Now you can start a packet capture in Wireshark using the newly added Pipe interface to read from your CANBus Triple.