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Logging utility withou pain


Modern log utility for node apps

  • debug utility like visionmedia/debug
  • full feature logging utilites
  • extensible logging frameworks
    • plugins like formatters and log handlers
    • event-driven logging activity
    • context-based configuration

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Just like the popular visionmedia/debug.

const debug = require('catlog')('app:main');
debug('I am here');
debug('Hi, babe!');

But the log goes to other handlers (fs_handler as default) as well. So your debug info will have chances to be recorded by fs_handler in files, instead of being deserted if no DEBUG env is set.

Behave like old-fashined log utilites.

const logger = require('catlog')();'good news');
logger.warn('important notice');
logger.error('bad news');
logger.debug('verbose news');
//also have alias, as `log`
logger.log('bad news');

All settings are shared in the same process. And configure it on logging context, using:

const logger = require('catlog')({
  methods: {
    foobar: {
      target: 'stdout',
      level: 70
  category: 'special_app'