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    Categorizr.js is a port of bjankord’s categorizr.php script. There is planned support for use within node.js and express as well as with the browser.

    We are loosely following the semver system for versioning. Odd number releases will bring breaking API changes to existing code. They should be fully stable in their own right. Even numbered releases will be API-freeze and only bug-fixes.

    0.3.x is the latest release as of June 14, 2012.


    Check out a demo at


    Currently categorizr has a standard ender.js implementation for usage within an ender build (has not been published to npm, yet) or drop in with your current library scripts.

    It works by adding a class to the html element of your current device.

    Add categorizr.js or categorizr.min.js to your library build or add to your ender build with ender add categorizr.



    • categorizr()
      • @return {String} current deviceType. (getter)
    • categorizr(deviceType)
      • @param {String} deviceType. Currently supports tv, desktop, tablet and mobile.
      • @return {String} current deviceType.
    • categorizr(actualDevice, categorizeAsDevice)
      • @param {String} actualDevice. Target device you want to display as another.
      • @param {String} categorizeAsDevice. Device to display as.
      • @return {String} current deviceType.
      • Example. categorize('tv', 'tablet') -> will categorize all known smart-tv UA’s as a tablet device.
      • @param {String} deviceType. Currently supports tv, desktop, tablet and mobile.
      • @return {Bool} Returns boolean of current device matching argument you specify.
    • categorizr.test(ua)
      • @param {String} ua. User-agent string to test. @return {String} Returns string of device type that it matches.

    Static Properties

    • categorizr.isTv {Bool}
    • categorizr.isDesktop {Bool}
    • categorizr.isTablet {Bool}
    • categorizr.isMobile {Bool}

    deviceChange Event

    With the Ender integration (see below), we now have a deviceChange event triggered on the window object.

    $(window).bind('deviceChange', function(device) {

    Please note that this API will most likely change (and become more flexible) in upcoming releases as we support additional libraries.

    3rd Party Integration


    Ender is the only fully tested library supported currently. (jQuery, Zepto, and prototype may or may not work currently. Support is coming.)

    A minimal ender bridge is supported namespacing all of this inside the ender namespace. Example ender.categorizr('mobile') -> Set current instance to be mobile. This assumes a selector library and event library included in your build.

    Additionally, since 0.2.5 has been renamed to ender.isDeviceType and ender.test has been renamed to ender.testUserAgent to prevent clashes with other libraries. (thanks @rvagg)

    The entirety of the API shown above is also available namedspaced inside of ender. E.g. ender.categorizr('tablet') will set the current deviceType to 'tablet'.

    • ender.isDeviceType(deviceType) @return {bool}
    • ender.testUserAgent(UAString) @return {string} deviceType


    • Event emiting on deviceType change. (v0.2.6 most likely)
    • Integration with node.js and express. (v0.4)
    • Provide extensibility API if community thinks that would be useful
    • Research integration with Modernizr.
    • Get Brett Jankord’s feedback on the project.


    Edit src/*.js files. Run make in terminal.

    You’ll need the devDependencies installed for smoosh (build tool) and buster (testing).

    User Agent String Testing

    I know, I know. This is against “best practice” on the web, but really. Every company who wants to provide a targeted experience for a device does it. This is just making it easier for a front-end developer to integrate this into his development workflow.

    Create a fork and add any UA’s that you wish to the appriate file (test/ua-strings/*.js) and send a pull request.

    API if using version 0.2.2 and below

    is(deviceType) – deviceType <string> of tv|desktop|tablet|mobile. Returns true/false based on current device.

    isDesktop() isTablet() isTV() isMobile() – sugar around the previous method.

    getType() — returns current device type

    setType() – sets current device type and updates html class.

    categorizeType(real, faked) – Sets a device type as another. E.g. categorizr.categorizeType('tv', 'desktop') sets all tv devices to be desktop.

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    npm i categorizr

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