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    Categorized Words

    Clean list of ~90k english words divided into seven categories. Useful for e.g. generation of memorable, pseudo-semantical passphrases or human-friendly identifiers.


    This package is basically just a jsonified and slightly cleaned version of the 2of12id.txt wordlist (as of 3 May 2016) from The Unofficial Alternate 12 Dicts Package of the SCOWL (Spell Checker Oriented Word Lists) project.

    The 2of12id.txt file, in the alternative version of 12Dicts, is the primary source of part-of-speech and inflection information, however it is limited to common words.

    — Description from


    I have removed from the original file all entries that were somehow marked as special, leaving in only regular, non-hyphenated words consisting solely of characters a-z which should also not be totally obscure.

    No censoring or other content-based cleaning has been applied. Please use this source at your own discretion and expect it to contain profane words.

    Possible Uses

    I made this package primarily to provide a better structured dictionary for XKCD-style password generators, to support the generation of semantically somewhat viable word combinations that can hopefully be remembered more easily.

    These wordlists can certainly also be used for other purposes, e.g., to generate memorable identifiers for things, like those you know from Heroku and Docker.


    Key Word class Size
    N noun 47004
    V verb 31232
    A adjective 14903
    I interjection 188
    C conjunction/preposition 139
    P pronoun 78
    S spoken contraction 9
    Total of all classes 93553

    Usage Example

    const words = require('categorized-words')
    console.log('first noun in list:', words.N[0])

    Data Format

    The module returns an object with keys ['A','C','I','N','P','S','V'], each representing a word class, and having as their value an array containing the words in that class. The format looks like this:

      X: ['lots', 'of', 'words'],
      Y: ['even', 'more', 'of', 'them']


    This work is based on SCOWL. It is available under the MIT License.


    npm i categorized-words

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