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catbox-redis Build Status

Redis adapter for catbox

Lead Maintainer: Loic Mahieu


  • url - the Redis server URL (if url is provided, host, port, and socket are ignored)
  • host - the Redis server hostname. Defaults to ''.
  • port - the Redis server port or unix domain socket path. Defaults to 6379.
  • socket - the unix socket string to connect to (if socket is provided, host and port are ignored)
  • password - the Redis authentication password when required.
  • database - the Redis database.
  • partition - this will store items under keys that start with this value. (Default: '')
  • sentinels - an array of redis sentinel addresses to connect to.
  • sentinelName - the name of the sentinel master. (Only needed when sentinels is specified)


The test suite expects:

  • a redis server to be running on port 6379
  • a redis server listenning to port 6378 and requiring a password: 'secret'
  • a redis server listenning on socket /tmp/redis.sock

See .travis.yml

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