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Catberry CLI

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What is it?

This is a Command Line Interface for the Catberry Framework that helps to create projects, cat-components and stores.


npm -g install catberry-cli

Create Catberry Applications using a project template

catberry init [--dest=directory] <template>

Included templates:

  • example - finished project that works with GitHub API and demonstrates how to implement such isomorphic application using Catberry Framework
  • empty-handlebars - empty project using Handlebars template engine.
  • empty-dust - empty project using Dust template engine.
  • empty-pug - empty project using Pug template engine.

Add Store into your project

catberry addstore [--dest=directory] <storeName>

Add Cat-component into your project

catberry addcomp [--dest=directory] [--preset=handlebars] <componentName>

Also you can use preset values such as:

  • handlebars (by default)
  • dust
  • pug

To get more usage details, please use catberry --help


There are a lot of ways to contribute:

Denis Rechkunov