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Create living style guides using Markdown or React


Catalog lets you create beautiful living style guides quickly and easily.

Content is written in Markdown so you can focus on documenting your components.

The standalone version is completely dependency free, making it trivial to integrate Catalog into your application.

Catalog can also be directly integrated into a React app to document components directly.

Read Catalog's documentation (built with Catalog!) to find out more.

npm install catalog --save

The react, react-dom, react-router, and history modules are peerDependencies, so you need to install them separately.


installs npm dependencies and starts the development server.

make watch-lib

builds the files from src/ into lib/ continuously. Useful with npm link when you want to test integration with another app.

make build

builds catalog.js, catalog.min.js, and lib/

make test

runs tests

make version

prompts for a new version number.

make publish

publishes to npm and gh-pages if an unpublished version number is detected. Usually will run automatically via CI.

Catalog is developed by many people at Interactive Things, a User Experience and Data Visualization Studio based in Zürich.