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Casson is a ODM (Object Data Model) for Apache Cassandra using native CQL protocol.

The main goal is to make it simple to use, take advantage of the power of Cassandra cluster, and allow the more sophisticated capabilities of Cassandra to be available. The secondary goal to have high performance (necessary for real-time work we do) without too much sanity checking. Now we have an opportunity to start with a completely asynchronous package. It may help to easily transition to Cassandra and Node.js combination.


API Documentation

It might be useful to browse the API documentation for further clarification. Casson API is the place to go.

Cassandra Documentation

Of course, to really take advantage of casson, it would be a really good idea to a take a look at Cassandra documentation.


Related software

They are also sources of good ideas and inspiration.

  • helenus a sophisticated CQL implementation with thrift

  • cql-protocol: a basic CQL binary protocol handling

  • python-cql: I like Python and also this one.


It works well for our purpose. In order to make it available for general use, however, a few things we don't actively use had to be included along with a few changes.

We can use Issues and Wiki section to get the process going for now.

To Do

  • Implement Batch CQL command.


Currently, I (Mosfeq Rashid) wrote this to do what we need to do, but it would be delightful when others make it better.