Caspar CG to Node interface

CasparCG to Node interface

This project is early in development and API may change. The query, playout, data and template commands are mostly finished and I will be adding more as I need them. If you need something that is missing add an issue.

For now docs are in the source only. I will be moving them to github pages at some point.

0.1 - Implement the entire AMCP Protocol
0.2 - First stable release
0.3 - Add events for all commands and channel/layer status by polling
0.4 - Stable release
npm install caspar-cg
var CasparCG = require("caspar-cg");

ccg = new CasparCG("localhost", 5250);
ccg.connect(function () { (err, serverInfo) {
	});"1-1", "AMB");

	setTimeout(function () {
	}, 10 * 1000);

ccg.on("connected", function () {
  • Fix info parsing error when parsing image-producer data
  • Adds resume
  • Adds swap
  • Adds print
  • Adds logLevel
  • Adds mixerFill to move and resize layers now parses layers and returns a much more predictable result.

  • Layers is always an array
  • Numbers and Booleans are parsed (all values were strings before)
  • Parameters with - and _ are replaced with cammel case
  • Inconsistent parameters are renamed

Socket errors are now emitted as connectionError instead of error.