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Case anything 🐫

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npm i case-anything

14 case changing functions: camelCase, kebab-case, PascalCase and more...
A simple integration with nano package size. (SMALL footprint!)


I created this package because most other packages that do simple case changing are so big...

Some features I focused on:

  • small footprint (it's 12+ times smaller than the next popular case changing package!!)
  • tree-shakable — only import what you need
  • awesome JSDocs popup documentation on hover
  • fully typed with TypeScript
  • complete coverage with unit testing
  • 0 dependencies
  • Case anything is used in...

  • Famous Mac app Popclip 💊
  • State Management Library Magnetar 🌟
  • Vue Form Generator Blitzar ⚡️
  • Lottie-player ∫
  • OpenAPI CLI Portman 👨🏽‍🚀
  • and 100s more...
  • Usage

    case-anything supports tree-shaking and is side-effect free!

    // just import the functions you need like so:
    import { camelCase, kebabCase } from 'case-anything'

    case-anything has different behaviour if the string you pass has spaces or not.

    • Without spaces it will split and format on every "part" it can detect
    • With spaces it will split and format on every "word" based on those spaces

    Strings without spaces

    Name Input example Output example
    🐪 camelCase camelCase('$catDog') catDog
    🐫 PascalCase
    🥙 kebab-case kebabCase('$catDog') cat-dog
    🐍 snake_case snakeCase('$catDog') cat_dog
    📣 CONSTANT_CASE constantCase('$catDog') CAT_DOG
    🚂 Train-Case trainCase('$catDog') Cat-Dog
    🕊 Ada_Case adaCase('$catDog') Cat_Dog
    👔 COBOL-CASE cobolCase('$catDog') CAT-DOG
    📍 Dot.notation dotNotation('$catDog') cat.Dog
    📂 Path/case pathCase('$catDog') $cat/Dog
    🛰 Space case spaceCase('$catDog') $cat Dog
    🏛 Capital Case capitalCase('$catDog') $Cat Dog
    🔡 lower case lowerCase('$catDog') $cat dog
    🔠 UPPER CASE upperCase('$catDog') $CAT DOG

    Special Characters

    You can see that most functions by default remove special characters, and some functions keep special characters.

    functions that remove special characters* functions that keep special characters*
  • camelCase
  • pascalCase
  • kebabCase
  • snakeCase
  • constantCase
  • trainCase
  • adaCase
  • cobolCase
  • dotNotation
  • pathCase
  • spaceCase
  • capitalCase
  • lowerCase
  • upperCase
  • *You can control wether or not to keep or remove special characters like so:

    // default:
    camelCase('$catDog') === 'catDog'
    // force keeping special characters:
    camelCase('$catDog', { keepSpecialCharacters: true }) === '$catDog'
    // default:
    pathCase('$catDog') === '$cat/Dog'
    // force removing special characters:
    pathCase('$catDog', { keepSpecialCharacters: false }) === 'cat/Dog'

    Case Changing

    These cases do not change the casing of the words:

    • dotNotation
    • pathCase
    • spaceCase
    // default:
    dotNotation('$catDog') === 'cat.Dog'
    // force lower case:
    dotNotation('$catDog').toLowerCase() === ''

    Strings with spaces

    As soon as there is a space in the target string, it will regard the input as a sentence and only split each part at the spaces.

    Name Input example Output example
    🐪 camelCase camelCase("I'm O.K.!") imOk
    🐫 PascalCase
    pascalCase("I'm O.K.!")
    upperCamelCase("I'm O.K.!")
    🥙 kebab-case kebabCase("I'm O.K.!") im-ok
    🐍 snake_case snakeCase("I'm O.K.!") im_ok
    📣 CONSTANT_CASE constantCase("I'm O.K.!") IM_OK
    🚂 Train-Case trainCase("I'm O.K.!") Im-Ok
    🕊 Ada_Case adaCase("I'm O.K.!") Im_Ok
    👔 COBOL-CASE cobolCase("I'm O.K.!") IM-OK
    📍 Dot.notation dotNotation("I'm O.K.!") Im.OK
    📂 Path/case pathCase("I'm O.K.!") I'm/O.K.!
    🛰 Space case spaceCase("I'm O.K.!") I'm O.K.!
    🏛 Capital Case capitalCase("I'm O.K.!") I'm O.k.!
    🔡 lower case lowerCase("I'm O.K.!") i'm o.k.!
    🔠 UPPER CASE upperCase("I'm O.K.!") I'M O.K.!

    Also note, that multiple sequential spaces are treated as one space.

    Keep only certain special characters

    Instead of removing all special characters, you can opt to keep some special characters.

    In the example below we see:

    • input: $cat-dog
    • desired output: $CatDog
    pascalCase('$cat-dog', { keepSpecialCharacters: false })
    // CatDog   → not what we want
    pascalCase('$cat-dog', { keepSpecialCharacters: true })
    // $Cat-Dog → not what we want
    pascalCase('$cat-dog', { keep: ['$'] })
    // $CatDog  → desired output

    Convert special characters into alphabet

    I have extended regular alphabet with the most common Latin-1 Supplement special characters.

    The coolest thing about this library is that it will "convert" special characters into regular alphabet for the cases used as variable names! 😎

    // CONVERTS special characters:
    camelCase('Çâfé Ågård')    === 'cafeAgard'
    pascalCase('Çâfé Ågård')   === 'CafeAgard'
    kebabCase('Çâfé Ågård')    === 'cafe-agard'
    snakeCase('Çâfé Ågård')    === 'cafe_agard'
    constantCase('Çâfé Ågård') === 'CAFE_AGARD'
    trainCase('Çâfé Ågård')    === 'Cafe-Agard'
    adaCase('Çâfé Ågård')      === 'Cafe_Agard'
    cobolCase('Çâfé Ågård')    === 'CAFE-AGARD'
    dotNotation('Çâfé Ågård')  === 'Cafe.Agard'
    // DOES NOT convert special characters:
    spaceCase('Çâfé Ågård')    === 'Çâfé Ågård'
    pathCase('Çâfé Ågård')     === 'Çâfé/Ågård'
    lowerCase('Çâfé Ågård')    === 'çâfé ågård'
    upperCase('Çâfé Ågård')    === 'ÇÂFÉ ÅGÅRD'
    capitalCase('Çâfé Ågård')  === 'Çâfé Ågård'


    I have made sure there is great documentation available on hover!

    jsdocs preview

    Keyboard shortcuts

    With Better Touch Tool you can set up keyboard shortcuts to convert selected text with JavaScript. This repo provides an easy to install preset that has shortcuts for pascal, kebab and camel case! (thanks to @AndrewKoch) It even supports multi-cursors in VSCode!

    Here is an example triggering keyboard shortcuts to convert the selected text to PascalCase; kebab-case; camelCase:

    keyboard shortcuts example

    You can download the BTT preset from the source code: case-anything.bttpreset.

    Package size

    We'll compare this package with blakeembrey/change-case, a very famous package on npm.

    case-anything change-case
    camelCase 1.1K (572) 27.2K (6K)
    pascalCase 1.1K (561) 27.4K (6.1K)
    kebabCase 1.1K (541) 26.8K (5.9K)
    snakeCase 1.1K (540) 26.8K (5.9K)
    constantCase 1.1K (540) 27.2K (6K)
    pathCase 1K (530) 26.8K (5.9K)

    Source code

    What keeps my package small, is that literally just uses a regex to separate "words".

    // the source code is similar to:
    export function splitOnSpecialChars(string: string): any[] {
      return string.match(/^[a-z]+|[A-Z][a-z]+|[a-z]+|[0-9]+|[A-Z]+(?![a-z])/g)

    The actual regex used is a little bit more comprehensive and can be found here.

    Meet the family (more tiny utils with TS support)

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