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CAS Proxy

Hosts any web server behind CAS Authentication with NodeJS.


# git clone
# cd cas-proxy/
# npm -g install
// Then edit config.js, make sure you have everything checked in the config file
// and run!
# node app.js


All settings are placed in /config.js, hack it as you go.

Global Settings

  • enable_cas_auth: Enable or not?
  • cas_server_url: Point to the CAS server URL
  • cookie_secret: The secret token for cookies. replace it with a random string for security
  • replaceHostname: Enable replace Host in header use proxy url host
  • rejectUnauthorized: Enable use unsigned ssl cas server

Per proxy settings

  • proxy_url: The url proxy to
  • listen_port: The listen port of kibana3
  • enable_ssl_port: Enable SSL or not?
  • listen_port_ssl: If enable_ssl_port set to true, this is the port of SSL
  • ssl_key_file: Point to the ssl key file
  • ssl_cert_file: Point to the ssl certification file


CAS Proxy is freely distributable under the terms of the MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2014 Chris Song

See LICENCE for details.