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    SVG expansion pack for Cartridge

    To use this module, you will need cartridge-cli installed and have a cartridge project setup.


    npm install cartridge-svgs --save-dev
    npm uninstall cartridge-svgs --save-dev


    This module adds the following to a project:


    This module uses many of the same options that are available in the gulp-svg-sprite plugin. The documentation for this plugin may provide some useful information on the usage and configuration of this module.

    Once installed, the config file task.svgs.js is created and stored in the _config directory in the root of your cartridge project. Use this file to alter the config of the module.

    Default config options

        var taskConfig = {
            svgSrc: projectConfig.paths.src.svgs + '**/*.svg',	// Where to look for SVGs within the project
            outDir: '',											// Main output directory of all generated files unless otherwise specified by individual mode options (see mode details). The default of this is empty in favour of the individual mode output directory paths.
            settings: {
                "dest": "", 												// Output directory of all generated files unless otherwise specified by individual mode options (see mode details). The default of this is empty in favour of the individual mode output directory paths. This can be relative to the path set in outDir.
                "mode": {													// Options for individual mode types
                    "css": {												// Options for the CSS mode type
                    	"dest": projectConfig.paths.src.sass + "/_objects", // Where to output generated CSS file containing SVG values - defaults to project config (_config/project.json) SASS path
                    	"sprite": process.cwd() + '/' + projectConfig.paths.dest.svgs + '/svgsprite.svg', // Where to output generated SVG sprite file and what to name it - defaults to project config SVG destination and "svgsprite.svg"
                        "render": {											// Stylesheet render options
                        	"scss": { 										// Declare SASS rendering and options
                        		'dest': "_objects.svgsprite.scss" 			// SASS file destination relative to mode dest with default filename "_objects.svgsprite.scss"
                       	"layout": "packed", 								// Layout of svg in the sprite
                       	"prefix": ".svgsprite--%s", 						// Prefix for svg classes
                       	"dimensions": "__dimensions", 						// Suffix for dimensions class e.g. .svgsprite--hamburger__dimensions
                       	"bust": true 										// Cache busting

    Mode settings

    Mode type

    At the moment, cartridge-svgs only supports the css output mode. Support for view, defs, symbol, and stack is planned.

    Default mode is css

    css: {


    Where to output generated files of the output type.

    Default path is projectConfig.paths.src.sass + "/_objects". This path is the project config (_config/project.json) SASS src path, appended with an "/_objects" folder.

    dest: projectConfig.paths.src.sass + "/_objects"


    Where to output the generated sprite file.

    Default path is process.cwd() + '/' + projectConfig.paths.dest.svgs + '/svgsprite.svg'. This path is the project config (_config/project.json) SVG destination path, appended with the filename svgsprite.svg. Note the process.cwd(), required to change the directory from that set in the mode dest option in order to save SASS files to source folders and sprite files to public/destination folders.

    sprite: process.cwd() + '/' + projectConfig.paths.dest.svgs + '/svgsprite.svg'


    The render option allows you to specify how to render the CSS, for example, in SASS, LESS or Stylus. Currently cartridge-svgs only supports SASS.

    The render scss dest option defines where to output and what to name the SCSS file. This defaults to the mode destionation folder and the filename _objects.svgsprite.scss

    dest: "_objects.svgsprite.scss"

    Layout @TODO

    This is the layout of the items within the SVG file. However this option seems to have disappeared from svg-sprite.


    Prefix to give to the CSS class.

    Default is .svgsprite--

    prefix": ".svgsprite--%s"


    Suffix for the CSS dimensions class. Each SVG sprite element has width and height dimensions added to it in a CSS class. This option adds a suffix to this class.

    Default is __dimensions. With the default prefix and an SVG source file named hamburger this would result in .svgsprite--hamburger__dimensions`


    Boolean option to set cache busting on or off.

    Defaults to true (cache busting on).

    bust: true

    Commit message standards Commitizen friendly

    Try and adhere as closely as possible to the Angular commit messages guidelines.

    Commitizen is a command line tool which can help with this:

    npm install -g commitizen

    Now, simply use git cz instead of git commit when committing.


    npm i cartridge-svgs

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