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Cartridge Static HTML

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Static HTML expansion pack for Cartridge

To use this module, you will need cartridge-cli installed and have a cartridge project setup.


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Barney Scott bmds
Tristan Ashley tawashley
npm install cartridge-static-html --save-dev

This module adds the following to a project:

The partials directory has deliberately been omitted from the install step. Adding the directory _partials in the views directory is required to setup partials in the cartridge project (Along with the header and footer partials if required)


Once installed, the config file task.static-html.js is created and stored in the _config directory in the root of your cartridge project.


This module provides the following gulp tasks

  • gulp static_html - Compiles all of the pages that are currently defined


This module sets up a basic structure for managing a multiple page static site. It adds several files to a project to start this process.

The module creates a views directory in the root of the project with several subdirectories.


This directory contains the pages for the site. Each page on the site will require one. Initially views/layouts/index.hbs is created to give the generated site an index page.

More files can be added to this directory with the format *pagename*.hbs. Any files without the .hbs extension will be ignored. Subdirectories can be used to give the site structure if required. For example:


Will generate:


TODO: Move these over to true layouts that no longer the specify how many pages exist on the site.


This directory contains JSON files containing the data for specific pages.

There is one special data file contained within this directory: _default.json. This file is used as default data that all handlebars files will get. Use it to define site wide data or defaults that will be overidden on specific pages.

When the layouts are generated the task will look for a json file matching the same relative path. For example:


When compiled will look for:


If the file is found then it will be merged with the _default.json file 1 and provided to the handlebars files during compilation. If no file is found the handlebars files will simply get the default data.

1: Page specific files will overwrite duplicate properties in _default.json

TODO: With the move to data providers these will become the single source of truth for which pages exist.


Presently this directory contains one file helpers.js. This file is used to register the helpers used on the site. Any additional helpers that are required for a project should be added to this file and can then be accessed within the handlebars templates.


The following helper:

Handlebars.registerHelper('getYear', function(name){
    return new Date().getFullYear();

The partial:

    <small class="footer__copyright">Copyright {{ getYear }}</small>

Would result in:

    <small class="footer__copyright">Copyright 2016</small>

For more information see the handlebars documentation on helpers and block helpers.

TODO: Add more documentation on the basic helpers


Please follow the instructions within the base module development guide when working on this project.


New work should be commited to the develop branch and then merged in to master once complete. Documentation changes can be performed on the master branch.


npm i cartridge-static-html

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