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A very simple nodejs logger with colorful timestamps and logging level


A very simple nodejs logger with colorful timestamps and logging level

Via npm:

$ npm install carpet

Hello world example

var log = require("carpet");
log("hello world");
// will output
// 2013-09-27 13:45:12.963 hello world

You get different colors for timestamps according to level

log.d("debug"); // green timestamps .. equivalent to log.debug()
log.i("info");	// white timestamps .. equivalent to
log.w("warn");	// yellow timestamps .. equivalent to log.warn()
log.e("error");	// red timestamps .. equivalent to log.error() or log.err()

Calls are forwarded to console.log so everything goes to stdout
Also the log behaves just like console.log:

log.i("multiple", "arguments", {a : 1, b : { c : 3}});

And formatted output

log("loook ma' %s formatted output !!!%doneoneeleven", "this is", 1);

Log levels only change color but it might be necessary to limit log output You can do that by calling log.setLevel() with the desired minimum logging level

log("this doesn't get printed");
log.i("neither does this");
log.w("but this does get printed");
log.e("and so does this");

//now set it lower
log("everything is visible now");

But you don't even have to change your source code to change the log level, Instead, just set the CARPET_LOG_LEVEL environment variable to your desired verbosity level before starting your app.

You can still call log.setLevel() afterwards, but you can revert to the environment variable by calling log.setLevel("default")

If that variable is not set, the default default is equivalent to setLevel("everything")

  • All. every level is printed
    • log.setLevel ( 0 / "debug" / "d" / "verbose" / "all" / "everything" )
  • Info and above
    • log.setLevel ( 1 / "info" / "i" )
  • Warnings and errors
    • log.setLevel ( 2 / "warn" / "w" )
  • Just errors
    • log.setLevel ( 3 / "err" / "e" / "error")
  • Nothing
    • log.setLevel ( 4 / "nothing" / -1)
//TODO: buffer log calls before writing to file

Written and maintained by Mircea Nistor.


  • cleanup


  • bugfix


  • added setLevel, to limit verbosity of output by level of importance
  • also set the limit by setting the CARPET_LOG_LEVEL environment variable


  • bugfixes


  • log() is now equivalent to log.d()


  • npm cleanup
  • colors in tests


  • shorter member function names
  • can also be called directly, equivalent to


  • Initial release