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HTML5 web storage module


HTML5 web storage API JavaScript module

  • Abstracts the native storage APIs into a simple intuitive interface
  • Uses native localStorage and sessionStorage where available
  • Gracefully degrades to temporary storage
  • Works standalone or with build tools like browserify or ender

API (0.8)

  • cargo.local(key?, value?)
    • cargo.local() get all
    • cargo.local(key) get
    • cargo.local(key, value) set
    • cargo.local(key, undefined) remove
  • cargo.local.get(key)
  • cargo.local.set(key, value)
  • cargo.local.remove(key)
  • cargo.session(key?, value?)
    • cargo.session() get all
    • cargo.session(key) get
    • cargo.session(key, value) set
    • cargo.session(key, undefined) remove
  • cargo.session.get(key)
  • cargo.session.set(key, value)
  • cargo.session.remove(key)
  • cargo.temp(key?, value?)
    • cargo.temp() get all
    • cargo.temp(key) get
    • cargo.temp(key, value) set
    • cargo.temp(key, undefined) remove
  • cargo.temp.get(key)
  • cargo.temp.set(key, value)
  • cargo.temp.remove(key)
  • local storage stores for unlimited browser sessions
  • session storage stores for the current browser session
  • temp storage stores until the user refreshes or closes the current page

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