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Chatphrase Asynchronous Representational State Signaling

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Minimum requirements

Note that this system uses Lua scripts, and as such requires at least Redis 2.6 to run.

The Lua scripts as written do not use KEYS arguments to declare their operated-on keys, and as such should be considered not Redis Cluster-compatible.


Configuration for the database expects a "redis" object with "port" and "hostname", as used by envigor.

DB layout

Different keys are associated with different states:

Initial offers

offer-list/{offer name}

The list of sent messages for the named unanswered offer.

Until the name is answered, only the first item will be provided to agents requesting the offer via HTTP.

offer-reply-location/{offer name}

The UUID of the endpoint accepting answers to the named unanswered offer.


The name of the offer that this UUID is listening for answers to.


The UUID listening for answers from the given UUID.

Matched endpoints


The list of sent messages for the named unanswered offer.


The UUID the given UUID is connected to. Messages should be sent to message-list/{uuid from match/{uuid}}.