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A cli tool to enjoy careercup questions!

Inspired by leetcode-cli


From npm repo:

$ sudo npm install -g careercup-cli

From source code:

$ git clone
$ cd careercup-cli && npm install && sudo nom install -g .

Best Practice

By the way, c3 = CareerCup-Cli

Read help first                    $ c3 help
Update all questions               $ c3 update
Browse questions                   $ c3 list
Select one question                $ c3 show <id>
Or, select random question         $ c3 show
Or, select Google question         $ c3 show -c google
Resovle it!
Mark question as done!             $ c3 mark <id>

Feel free to customize your own labels to manage different questions.

To those working on questions		$ c3 mark <id> thinking
To those unimportant questions		$ c3 mark <id> easy
Show questions with given label		$ c3 list -l thinking

There is More...