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    Bluemix Components

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    Component library for building Bluemix

    Browse component library on our Design System website.

    • Bluemix Components gives developers (FEDs & Engineers) a collection of re-usable HTML and Sass partials they can use for building websites and user-interfaces for Bluemix.

    • The aim is for every developer to use consistent markup, styles, and behavior in their prototype and production work.

    📚 Documentation

    • Install: How to install bluemix-components
    • Update: Info for updating bluemix-components
    • Styles: How to use styles from bluemix-components
      • Using SCSS with Gulp: Tutorial for setting up a project that compiles SCSS from bluemix-components using gulp
    • Contributing: Guidelines for making contributions to this repo.
    • Core Team: Guidelines for repo maintainers (Bluemix Design System Team).
    • FAQ: Solutions for common errors and answers to common questions


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