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security middleware for caradoc bundle


$ sudo npm -g install caradoc $ caradoc create:project projectName $ cd projectName && npm install

then complete the /config/security.js file


active : 'false/true' // determine if active or not

firewalls : {
    nameOfTheFirewall :{
        pattern : '/someroute', // setup the route under which firewall is active
        anonymous : 'true/false', // deternime if you can access the content without being connected
        role : [ ROLE_MEMBER, ROLE_ADMIN], // role needed to access this content the role should be store in req.user.role
        exclude : [ '/aRoute', '/anOtherRoute'] // route exclude from the firewall
security : {

    // just set the route to the different page
    // use for user middleware


user : {

    // specify the route to your user, use for user middleware