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Sveltekit Captcha

A highly customizable and simple to use Captcha component for SvelteKit.


npm install captcha-sveltekit


    import Captcha from 'captcha-sveltekit';
    const handleValidation = ({detail}) => {
        console.log(detail) //true or false

    //other options here

Component Properties

option type description default
inner HTMLDivElement binded to the general container undefined until component is mounted
captcha_image HTMLImageElement binded to the image element of the captcha undefined until component is mounted
input_text HTMLInputElement binded to the input element where user where user writes the captcha result undefined until component is mounted
button HTMLButtonElement binded to the button that triggers the captcha verification undefined until component is mounted
captcha string the string representing the captcha ""
user_input string binded to the value of the input_text ""
char_amount number amount of characters to show in the captcha 5
canvas_width number width of the canvas/image 345
canvas_height number height of the canvas/image 96
background_color string background color of the canvas "#FFF"
font string font used in the characters of the captcha "bold 30px Ubuntu"
font_color string color of the font used in the characters of the captcha "#777"
lines_color string color of the lines that strike through the captcha image "#777"
lines_amount number amount of lines in the captcha image 20
captcha_alt string captcha image alt "CAPTCHA"
input_placeholder string placeholder of the input text "CAPTCHA"
button_text string inner text of the button "Check"
case_sensitive_captcha boolean wether or not the captcha is case sensitive to the user input true
use_random_font_colors boolean wether or not use random colors for each captcha character, if true, overwrites the font_color option false
use_random_line_colors boolean wether or not use random colors for each line, if true, overwrites the lines_color option false
autocheck_user_input boolean wether or not to check automatically if user input is same as the captcha, if true hides the check button false
auto_disapear boolean wether or not auto hide the captcha once is completed true


  • captcha-validation
    • if autocheck_user_input is false, is dispatched when check button is clicked, the detail might be true or false, depending on whether user_input is correct or not
    • if autocheck_user_input is true, is dispatched when user_input has same lenght as captcha and user_input is correct, the detail will be always true in this case


default values

screenshot 1


screenshot 2


screenshot 3

use_random_font_colors=true; use_random_line_colors=true

screenshot 3

char_amount=10; line_amount=5; font='Italic 30px Arial'

screenshot 3


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