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    cape-redux-collection v2.0.0

    Redux functions for managing lists of stuff

    Collections are lists of items. This module helps manage lists of items with redux and redux-graph.

    Client state management to help handle adding/editing/removing.

    A start next to field name indicates it is a reference to a single entity.



    A blend of Collection and ItemList. Entity describes the item collection list. Can set things like the kinds of items the collection expects, date created. What user created it, why it was created, title.

    • additionalType - String defines specific kind of collection.
    • agent* - optional ref to entity that facilitated creation.
    • creator* - ref to entity that created the list.
    • editor* - ref to entity that edits/owns the list.
    • itemListElement* * - Multi value of ListItem entity references.
    • itemListOrder - One of (Ascending, Descending, Unordered)
    • mainEntity* - Is the list limited to a specific type of item? Reference entity describing type/source.
    • numberOfItems
    • title: "Favorites"


    Used to describe what item, its position, description, title, date added, status etc.

    • creator* - ref to entity that created the list.
    • editor* - Ref to editor/owner.
    • item* - Ref to item of this list item.
    • mainEntity* - ref to list it shows up on. Should it be multi value?
    • actionStatus - One of ( Active, Created, Completed, Confirmed, Ended, Failed )
    • position - int


    • close(Entity) - Close dialog box for specific item.
    • confirmItem(ListItem) - Set ListItem status to confirmed.
    • confirmActive() - Gets active ListItem and sends it to confirmItem.
    • createItem({ item, mainEntity }) - Create a new ListItem.
    • createList() - Create a new CollectionList.
    • endItem(ListItem) - Used to remove an ListItem from a list.
    • ensureUserHasCollection - Give a user a default "favs" list if they don't have one.
    • open(Entity) - Specific to an item. App should show dialog box.
    • toggle(Entity) - Add or remove from favs list or open dialog.




    npm i cape-redux-collection

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