node-canvas engine for spritesmith


node-canvas engine for spritesmith.

Due to dependance on node-canvas, you must install Cairo.

Instructions on how to do this are provided in the node-canvas wiki.

Additionally, you will need to install node-gyp

sudo npm install -g node-gyp

Install the module with: npm install canvassmith

// Convert images into canvassmith objects 
var images = ['img1.jpg', 'img2.png'];
canvassmith.createImages(this.images, function handleImages (errimgs) {
  // Create a canvas to draw onto (200 pixels wide, 300 pixels tall) 
  canvassmith.createCanvas(200, 200, function (errcanvas) {
    // Add each image at a specific location (upper left corner = {x, y}) 
    var coordinatesArr = [{x: 0, y: 0}, {x: 50, y: 50}];
    imgs.forEach(function (imgi) {
      var coordinates = coordinatesArr[i];
      canvas.addImage(img, coordinates.x, coordinates.y);
    }, canvas);
    // Export canvas to image 
    canvas['export']({format: 'png'}, function (errresult) {
      result; // Binary string representing a PNG image of the canvas 

This module was built to the specification for all spritesmith modules.

In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint using grunt and test via npm test.

Support this project and others by twolfson via gittip.

Copyright (c) 2013 Todd Wolfson

Licensed under the MIT license.