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Determine the maximum area, height, width, and custom dimensions of an HTML <canvas> element.


The HTML canvas element is widely supported by modern and legacy browsers, but each browser and platform combination imposes unique size limitations (see Test Results) that will render a canvas unusable when exceeded. Unfortunately, browsers do not provide a way to determine what their limitations are, nor do they provide any kind of feedback after an unusable canvas has been created. This makes working with large canvas elements a challenge, especially for applications that support a variety of browsers and platforms.

This micro-library provides the maximum area, height, and width of an HTML canvas element supported by the browser as well as the ability to test custom canvas dimensions. By collecting this information before a new canvas element is created, applications are able to reliably set canvas dimensions within the size limitations of each browser/platform.


  • Determine the maximum <canvas> area, height, and width
  • Test custom <canvas> dimensions
  • Web worker + OffscreenCanvas support
  • UMD and ES6 module available
  • Lightweight (< 1k min+gzip) and dependency-free

Browser Support

Chrome logo Chrome 4+
Edge logo Edge 12+
Firefox logo Firefox 3.6+
Safari logo Safari 4+
Internet Explorer logo Internet Explorer 10+



npm install canvas-size
import canvasSize from 'canvas-size';


Available on jsdelivr (below), unpkg, and other CDN services that auto-publish npm packages.

<!-- ES Module (latest v2.x.x) -->
<!-- Global "canvasSize" (latest v2.x.x) -->
<script src=""></script>

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Usage & Options

See the documentation site for details.


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This project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE for details.

Copyright (c) John Hildenbiddle (@jhildenbiddle)

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