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Redirect users to the canonical hostname for your site.


var canon = require('canonical-host')('', '')
http.createServer(function (req, res) {
  // returns 'true' if it's taking over 
  if (!canon(req, res)) return
  // now we know that they're visiting either 
  // or 
  res.end('Hello from the proper host name!')

canon(hosts..., [statusCode=301])

Pass in the request, the response, 1 or more hostnames to accept, and optionally a statusCode to send with the redirect.

If the host arg has https:// in front of it, then it will be redirected to https if it's not https already. Likewise if it starts with http:// and is already https.

Returns a function that takes a req/res pair, and which returns true if it redirected, false otherwise.