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can-viewurlify Build Status

Resolves template urls for can.view bundled with browserify.

What it does?

This module resolves urls for CanJS view templates.

//file src/components/grid/grid_control.js 
var renderer = can.view('./grid.mustache');
//-t can-viewurlify 
var renderer = can.view('src/components/grid/grid.mustache');
//-t can-viewurlify with custom prefix: 'base' 
var renderer = can.view('base/src/components/grid/grid.mustache');

How it works?

It parses a file to AST and replace all String Literal nodes ending with .ejs, .mustache, .stache with cwd relative path (unix separator).

Available Options

extensions - Array of extensions.
default value - ['ejs', 'mustache', 'stache]

prefix - String to prefix resulting urls.
default value - '' empty string