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Most web applications encounter problems of latency because they process data discretely instead of in streams. ndjsonstream() converts a ReadableStream of raw ndjson data into a ReadableStream of Javascript objects.


All the demo code can be found in the demo/ directory.

  1. To get started, run the demo server.
cd demo
node server.js
  1. Navigate to localhost:8080/demo/can-ndjson-stream.html to see the demo in action.

  2. Check out the demo code in demo/can-ndjson-stream.html.

ndjsonStream Visual


Making a Build

To make a build of the distributables into dist/ in the cloned repository run

npm install
node build

Running the tests

Tests can run in the browser by opening a webserver and visiting the test.html page. Automated tests that run the tests from the command line in Chrome can be run with

npm test