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ScoutCamp Build Status

WebApps Framework


Get started

  • npm install camp
  • put website files in web/
  • edit app.js with require('camp').start({port: 1234})
  • run node app
  • hit localhost:1234
  • enjoy!

Have a sip at what you can do here! Spoilers: one-liner WebSocket chat demo. Download it for free to try the demo!


  • routes, templates (with one parser by default)
  • query parameters processing, file upload, HTTP authentication
  • ajax, EventSource (SSE), WebSockets built-in



MIT. See for more.

The "Red spiders" comic is CC BY-NC 2.5 from Randall Munroe, XKCD. Link in web/index.html.


Versions are tags labeled after the day it was released.

31.06.28 → june 28th, 2031

They are all under