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    Cameleer is an application that can schedule and execute any kind of job using various queue-types and schedulers.

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    Run npm install cameleer to install Cameleer. Please refrain from installing any version from npm with versions prior to 1.0.0.

    What Cameleer can do for you

    A few paradigms to get your thinking started:

    • Do something using some schedule, in parallel or defined by a cost. Something can be any Function or Promise. A schedule can e.g. be a calendar, a timeout or interval or any scheduler that you provide.
    • Backup-paradigm: Take something from somewhere and put it somewhere else. Actually, Cameleer is a spin-off from the backup-wrapper. It was started when I realized that the backup-wrapper can actually do any job, not just backups.
    • IoT-paradigm: Control devices based on a schedule.
    • Cameleer is meant to be run as a service, unlike other task-runners, such as Gulp or Grunt. But if you want, you may use it as a simple task runner.
    • Create jobs from descriptions. Cameleer comes with a few built-in task-types. But feel free to provide your own. Have a look at the file config.example.js to get an idea of what is possible.


    npm i cameleer

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