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Camunda Baker

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Build complex projects using Camunda Tasklist, a Camunda non-official frontend CLI
dedicated for building embedded forms with a modern stack.

Installation | How to use | Configuration

Visit the Documentation for detailed instructions!


npm install cam-baker

# or yarn

yarn add cam-baker

How to use

Call CLI commands directly using npx <command> pattern:

npx baker dev
# or
npx baker build
# or
npx baker stop

Or create your own NPM Scripts on package.json to initilize and build the project

  "scripts": {
    "dev": "baker",
    "build": "baker build",
    "stop": "baker stop"

Avaliable Commands

Command Example Description
<default> baker -c config/my-config.js initialize CLI watchers and services
dev baker dev same as above baker default command
build baker build build entry files into standalone html files for Camunda Tasklist
stop baker stop stops Camunda Run server
help baker help show CLI commands and options

Custom Config Path and Filename: -c or --config
Used to indicate custom filename and path to the config file, needed when you don't want to use the default camunda.config.js.

npx baker --config config/my-custom-config-file.js


See the Configuration Guide

Configuration File Example


import { defineConfig } from 'cam-baker'

export default defineConfig({
  // using `defineConfig` enables support for editor intellisense

Next Steps

  • Validate the idea throwing the repo for Camunda and dev community
  • Add more detailed usage instructions, specially on how to handle deploys with ./public and ./dist artifacts
  • Add more detailed usage instructions when running Camunda from a Spring Project (no need for ./public)
  • Add a minimal test coverage
  • Evaluate usage of Vite with custom plugins/configuration instead low level implementations

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