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CAVLIN Network Web App

This is the home of the source code for the CALVIN network app.

Data Repository

The data repo can be found here

Import data

First make sure you have NodeJS as well as MongoDB installed and running on the default port. You can download MongoDB here or use follow these instructions for using linux package managers.

Then run:

git clone
cd [/path/to/ca-network-app/root/dir]
npm install
node utils/import/regions [/path/to/calvin-network-data/data]
// ex:
// node utils/import/regions /home/jrmerz/dev/calvin-network-data/data

Repetitive Imports

To simplify the import process you can make a import.json file in the root of this repo. It should look like:

  "path" : "/path/to/your/data/repo/calvin-network-data/data"

Then you can simply run this command to (re-)import data after you make changes:

npm run-script import

Run Application Locally

To run the application locally, first import the data repo (see above). Make sure your have bower installed.

// if you have not installed bower
npm run-script init-tools

Then run the following command once. It will install all client and server dependencies. You may need to re-run this script after a git pull where the dependencies list was modified for either client or server.

npm run-script init-dev

Then to start the application (MongoDB needs to be running):

npm run-script run-dev

Visualize Edits / live-reload

If you are making changes to the data repo and start the application locally using 'npm run-script run-dev', the app will load in 'DEV MODE'. The app will show DEV MODE in the upper left hand screen, next to the app's title.

While in dev mode, the application will automatically re-import the data whenever you make changes to the data repo's /data folder or the import.json file. Once the import is complete the app will load the new data a re-render live. You will not need to refresh your browser. There will be a popup at the bottom of the screen showing the status of the import process as it happens.

If the 'DEV MODE' label turns red, the application has lost it's web socket connection and will no longer live reload. You should probably restart the server if this happens.

Supply Edits to Network Data

If you wish to make changes to the network application data, first fork to calvin-network-data repo. To do this go here and click 'fork' in the upper right hand corner (GitHub account required). Then pull your newly forked repo to your local machine and import the data using the import steps above. Make sure you point at your forked repo! You can then launch and test changes to the data by running the import script whenever you make a change. Then use the local application instance to test. Finally if you wish to submit changes, push your changes back to github then make a pull request back to our data repo.




npm i calvin-network-app

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