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CallTrace build status NPM version

Install with npm

$ npm install calltrace


var trace = require( 'calltrace' )

Calltrace will emit capture events, keep in mind to bind to them:

trace.on( 'capture', function( info ) {
  console.log( info )

Where the info will consist of an object with the following properties:

  • String name: name of captured function
  • Function fn: original (replaced) function,
  • Array argv: array of arguments passed into the function
  • Number time: milliseconds spent int the function
  • Object stack: verbose stack trace, if enabled

In case you want to monitor a globally available function:

trace.capture( 'require' ) // OR 
trace.capture( 'require.resolve' )

Or, if you want to keep an eye on a method you only have access to in this scope:

trace.capture( someObject.subPath, 'methodName' )

Also, in case you want to turn off stack trace capturing, pass false as last parameter to capture():

trace.capture( 'fn', false ) // OR 
trace.capture( bla, 'methodName', false )