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    Calls Batch

    Execute calls in debounced batches, with pre/postflush hooks, useful for performance.

    My initial use case for this was: I have a React application that will be re-rendered every time files in a particular folder changes, but there could be hundreds of those changes in 1s and that means hundreds of re-renders, so in order to avoid that the functions that should be called because of these changes are executed in batches and before each batch I'm pausing re-renders and after each batch I'm resuming re-renders.


    npm install --save calls-batch


    import CallsBatch from 'calls-batch';
    const batch = new CallsBatch ({
      preflush () {}, // Function to call before all the batched calls are executed
      postflush () {}, // Function to call before all the batched calls are executed
      wait: 100 // Debounce wait
    function foo () {}
    batch.add ( foo );
    batch.add ( foo, [1] );
    batch.add ( foo, [1, 2, 'foo'] );
    const fooWrapped = batch.wrap ( foo ); // Returns a function which automatically adds a call to `method`, with the provided arguments, to the batch whenver called
    fooWrapped ( 1 ); // Automatically add a call to `foo` with the provided arguments to the batch
    // batch.flush (); // Force a flush immediately


    new CallsBatch ( options )

    Creates a new CallsBatch instance, the options object has the following shape:

      preflush?: Function,
      postflush?: Function,

    batch.add ( method: Function, args?: any[] ): void

    Add a function call to the batch, optionally passing an array of args that the passed method will be called with.

    The call will be executed in a debounced manner, that is, as soon as no other batch.add call is performend in the following options.wait milliseconds all the queued calls will be executed.

    batch.get (): queue

    Get the current queue of calls.

    batch.set ( queue ): void

    Replace the current queue of calls with another.

    batch.wrap ( method: Function ): Function

    Returns a function which automatically adds a call to method, with the provided arguments, to the batch whenever called.

    batch.flush (): Promise<void>

    Force flushing the batched calls immediately.


    MIT © Fabio Spampinato


    npm i calls-batch

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