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Note: There might be thousands such solutions available already! :D

Ever needed a public beach head to catch callbacks from third party services, but you wanna react locally?

This module provides a simple server, which can be run on a publicly reachable Cloudron, allowing clients to connect via from their developer box to the server. The client maintains a connection and will get notified if the public server was called on a user specific URL.

The server can maintain multiple such developer connections and give each of them a unique callback URL, which will get dispatched to their local client, where the developer is free to do whatever he wants with it.

The bundled client allows to generate application keys to identify the user and specify the unique URL. It further is an example on how to use the Listener in your application. The most common use case might be to just forward the incoming request locally to a node during development.



or using the Cloudron command line tooling

cloudron install --appstore-id de.nebulon.callmydouble.cloudronapp


Login to your installed app instance and obtain an application key. Each user can get initially and refresh his application key. This key can then be used to create a unique callback route which will get disptached to the listener which passes the same application key in. If the server is not running on the same machine, all client commands will take a --remote option to specify the remote server.

./bin/client refresh username:password
# will display the app key and the app secret
./bin/client listen --key <appkey> --secret <appsecret>

From that point on you can test the flow

export APPKEY=<appkey>
curl -X POST https://<app-domain>/proxy/$APPKEY/some/route -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"something":"to","say":true}'


Built-in request forwarding

The client should forward the request if the user wants automatically. This would remove the need to write your own forwarder.

Provide response to the server

The server currently happily accepts all incoming requests if the route contains a valid application key and there is a client interested in those request. It then immediately sends 200. It would be nicer if the client could signalize the server to finish the request with additional data and status code.