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simple cli calculator


 npm install calculator
 cd calculator
 npm start


npm install -g calculator

When starting calculator, it starts a node repl with all of the following properties set as properties of the GLOBAL object. All Math properties are replaced with Math.(prop) so you can write var f = func('f(x) = sin(x)') instead of var f = func('f(x) = Math.sin(x)')

var f = func('f(x) = x*10 - 20')
f(3) //returns 10

f = func('f(x, t) = Math.pow(x, 2) + t + 1')
f(2, 4) // returns 9

params ([string|function], point to evaluate function) derive('f(x) = x*x', 2) //evaluate derivative @ x = 2; returns 4

params ([string|function], lower limit, upper limit) derive('f(x) = x*x', 0, 1) //evaluate definite integral from x = 0 to x = 1; returns .333 = 1/3

Set this property to determine how accurate the definite integral will be. Essentialy the "dx" in f(x)dx. Default is 1/1000000

Set this property to determine the distance between an estimated answer and a whole number that you wish cli calc to return the rounded number. This is useful when you know the answer is a whole number and you don't want something like 1.99999999998384 returned instead of 2