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A Node.js port of Google Closure library


> npm install calcdeps -g


 calcdeps.js [options]


-i, --input
The inputs to calculate dependencies for. Valid values can be files or directories.
-p, --path
The paths that should be traversed to build the dependencies. Defaults to the current directory
-d, --dep
Directories or files that should be traversed to find required dependencies for the deps file. Does not generate dependency information for names provided by these files.
-e, --exclude
Files or directories to exclude from the --path and --input flags
-o, --output_mode
The type of output to generate from this script. Options are "list" for a list of filenames, "script" for a single script containing the contents of all the files, or "deps" to generate a deps.js file for all paths. Defaults to "list".
If specified, write output to this path instead of writing to standard output.