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Calabash offsers a shortcut for bash command-lines

Bash is both a great and a mad tool.

Calabash calls Bash commands from CoffeeScript. And make it easier to be used in small tasks.


You may install this from NPM:

sudo npm install -g calabash

And use it togather with node-dev to run commands at background:

require("calabash").do "first parameter as comment",
  "pkill -f doodle"
  "coffee -o lib/ -wbc coffee/"
  "jade -o build/ -wP layout/"
  "style -o build/ -w layout/"
  "doodle build/"

Or just run in an Array:

require('../coffee').run [
  'echo 1'
  'echo 2'

With v0.1.0 new syntax is availale to add tasks in

bash = require 'calabash'
bash.add 'task lily',
  'echo lily'
bash.add 'task ted',
  'echo ted'

and trigger a special task with coffee lily.

It would be better to use it with node-dev to enable reloading.