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    Stuff your face with all those wonderful Gulp plugins from your Cakefile!

    WARNING: This is a preview release. This branch uses tempgulp4 as Gulp 4 has not yet officially released at the time of this writing.

    cake-gulp integrates cake's descriptive build task system and commandline argument parsing into gulp tasks, allowing for clean descriptive task management.

    cake-gulp also includes some common gulp plugins that relate directly to coffeescript, file management, or vynil/stream management but do not directly impose any framework or specific build paradigm on you. These plugins are useful for general filesystem manipulation, flow control of streams, information and logging, or incremental builds. These plugins where chosen because of their general usefulness in just about any build process regardless of what you are doing, things that are used so often they are practically a part of Gulp.


    Image of the below example Cakefile

    # This Cakefile incrementally transpiles .coffee files 
    #  to one combined minified javascript file with sourcemaps 
    # `npm install -save-dev cake-gulp` 
    # `cake build` 
    # `cake -w build` for watching incremental builds 
    pack = require './package.json'
    gulp = require 'cake-gulp'
    distDirectory = "#{__dirname}/dist"
    task 'build:clean''Cleans all generated or temporary files.'->
      gulp.delete distDirectory
    coffeeSources = ["#{__dirname}/src/**/*.coffee"]
    task 'build:coffee''Transpiles .coffee â†’ .js with sourcemaps'->
      gulp.src coffeeSources
        .pipe gulp.cached()
        .pipe gulp.size title: 'coffee'showFiles: yes
        .pipe gulp.sourcemaps.init()
          .pipe gulp.remember()
          .pipe gulp.concat "#{}.min.js"
          .pipe gulp.uglify()
        .pipe gulp.sourcemaps.write '.'
        .pipe gulp.size title: 'coffee â†’ javascript'showFiles: yesgzip: yes
        .pipe gulp.duration 'coffee'
        .pipe gulp.dest distDirectory
        .pipe gulp.gzip()
        .pipe gulp.dest distDirectory
    option '-w''--watch''Watch for file changes for build tasks.'
    task 'build''Build all the things! -w to watch for changes.',
      gulp.series 'build:clean''build:coffee'(callback) ->
        # `gulp.options` is from cake's option parsing of commandline options 
          gulp.log "#{gulp.colors.cyan 'watching'} #{coffeeSources}"
 coffeeSourcesgulp.series 'build:coffee'

    Globals from cake

    • task("name", "description", (callback) -> ) task has been modified to accept both a string name and a string description, but other then adding the description, task is no different from undertaker task which is what Gulp4 uses for it's task manager. async-done is used for the callback function, and it is also fairly common to pass gulp.series or gulp.parallel in instead of a (callback) -> function to execute tasks in a series, or at the same time. cake's options object that would usually get passed in is now global.options or gulp.options and is only available inside a task function.
    • invoke(name) runs a single task (by name string only) currently. This only invokes cake tasks and currently will not work if you use gulp.task
    • option("-a", "--argument [ARG]", "description") is useful for commandline parsing and is cake's option function.
    • global.options or gulp.options is where you access your commandline arguments. Because Gulp/Undertaker does not handle commandline options, these are not passed in to task functions like in cake. Keep in mind that options is still only available after a task function is invoked.

    Gulp Plugins and Utilities

    cake-gulp comes with some common generic gulp plugins that should be useful in just about any build process. All gulp plugins are bound to the gulp object.

    Coffeescript and Sourcemaps

    File Manipulation

    Incrimental Builds

    Stream Flow Control

    Utility and Logging


    Public Domain (Unlicense)



    npm i cake-gulp4

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