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Cafe is a build tool for client-side applications aiming to be language/module system/architecture agnostic and flexible. Tries hard to be modular and extensible by itself too.

Current version (cafe4) is a prototype and is written in Coffeescript in functional and asynchronous way (mostly functional and mostly asynchronous :-).


npm install -g cafe4


First init a cafe project with

cafe init

This would create you template recipe file, where you can describe packages your app is using. Working recipe looks something like this:

abstract: {api_version: 5}
    module1: modules/module1
    jquery: [jquery.1.8.js, plainjs]
    module2: [modules/module2, [jquery]]
    my_coffee_module: []
            - jquery
            - module1
            - module2
            - my_coffee_module
            - jquery
            - module1
            - my_coffee_module

To compile your app run

cafe menu build

For more details look at getting started page.


Don't forget to check that all tests are passing before commit (grunt nodeunit)



  • yaml recipe reader

  • advanced recipe parsing logic ** aliases ** different formats for modules

  • caching logic optimization. (2 times faster build process then in previous versions)

  • Added growl notifications. (can be disabled by option --nogrowl).