Cloud Assistants security lib

CAF (Cloud Assistant Framework)

Co-design permanent, active, stateful, reliable cloud proxies with your web app.


This repository contains a CAF lib to add security checks.

   "plugs": [
        "module": "caf_security/plug",
        "name": "security",
        "description": "Authenticates requests\n Properties: <keysDir> Directory with key material, defaults to colocated with ca_methods.js (i.e., <app_root>/lib).\n <trustedPubKeyFile> Trusted public key to verify signed tokens. \n <privateKeyFile> Optional private key to sign tokens. \n <pubKeyFile> Optional public key for signing key. \n <appPublisher> Name of the app publisher.\n <appLocalName> Local name app given by the app publisher.\n <allowNobodyUser> Enable the user 'nobody' to bypass authentication\n <accountsURL> Optional URL of an external service for user authentication.",
        "env": {
                    "keysDir": null,
                    "trustedPubKeyFile" : "trusted_pub.pem",
                    "privateKeyFile": null,
                    "publicKeyFile" : null,
                    "appPublisher" : "d41d8cd98a00b204e9700988ecf8427e",
                    "appLocalName" : "myApp",
                    "allowNobodyUser" : false,
                    "accountsURL" : ""

The above example uses an external authentication service that signs tokens with an asymmetric key (RSA). The file trustedPubKeyFile (in the same directory as ca_methods.js or absolute path) contains the service public key (self-signed certificate in PEM format, see openssl).

Instead, if this plug can sign tokens on its own, the serviceURL is null and the files privateKeyFile and pubKeyFile provide the asymmetric key.

The property unrestricted is a suggestion that this app needs a token that can be used to authenticate to any application; the end user is prompted to confirm this request, and should only grant it for trusted apps.

        "module": "caf_security#plug_ca",
        "name": "security",
        "description": "Authorization checks for this CA".",
        "env" : {
            "maxRetries" : "$._.env.maxRetries",
            "retryDelay" : "$._.env.retryDelay"
        "components" : [
                "module": "caf_security#proxy",
                "name": "proxy",
                "description": "Proxy to security services for this CA",
                "env" : {