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a blog engine


is a tiny, zeroconf blog engine/server

  • CLI interface (use your $EDITOR)
  • web interface (with autosave and live markdown previews)
  • drafts/published
  • tagging
  • post permalinks
  • atom feed
  • search
    npm install -g cadigan
    cadigan start 80
    forever start -c coffee $(which cadigan) start domain 80

everything works but performance is not given much thought and code could be far cleaner. Also security is hateful as it does not currently support SSL; for srs though you'd probably be running behind nginx or whatever anyway.

i'm dog-fooding this at chip the glasses.

in no particular order:

  • actually caring about performance
  • post summaries
  • post slugging
  • post scheduling / backdating
  • pagination
  • plugins (site-wide and per-post)
  • themes
  • bugfix: feed not linked from home page
  • bugfix: feeds were in reverse order
  • localstorage posts/metadata caching
  • compressed front-end js, css
  • vague style updates
  • bugfix: dropdowns were hilariously broken in admin
  • atom feed
  • front page search
  • remove navbar
  • upgrade to bootstrap 2.1
  • better admin posts UI
  • CLI search bugfix
  • admin
  • auth
  • writing posts
  • editing posts
  • filtering posts
  • viewing posts
  • tag/post links
  • cli interface
  • autosave
  • tagging
  • live markdown preview