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Who said caching and serving cached files should be a chore?

With Cachelicious it's easier than baking a pie, and almost as delicious as eating it. Mmmmm, pie.... drool


npm install cachelicious

FS Cache Usage

var CacheliciousFs = require('cachelicious').fs;
var fsCache = new CacheliciousFs(20971520); //20MB of cache 
fsCache.createReadStream(filepath, options).pipe(destination1);
fsCache.createReadStream(filepath, {start: 2, end: 100}).pipe(destination2);
//both will stream from the same cache :) 

HTTP Server Usage

var CacheliciousHttp = require('cachelicious').http;
(new CacheliciousHttp(function  (request) {
    var filepath = '/var/www/foo/';
    if ('/' === request.url) {
        return filepath + 'index.html';
    } else if ('/teapot' === request.url) {
        return 418; //generate a 418 
    } else {
        filepath += request.url;
    return filepath;
}, 209715200)).start();

Some test assets are included in the test/assets directory.

You can also try streaming video (and you should :D), like the Big Buck Bunny -


New BSD License


Pull requests are welcome! I'll try to merge all valuable contributions and credit the author when I do so.