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A simple Redis Cache using node-redis

NOTE: This is only meant to be used with local redis servers



var Cache = require('cacheit');
var cache = new Cache();

cache.set(key, value, [ttl], [callback])

  • key - string
  • value - string or hash object (must be flat)
  • ttl - time to live in m
  • callback

cache.setHash(key, valuue, [ttl], [callback])

An alias for cache.set. This is just for symmetry with cache.getHash.

cache.get(key, callback)

key - string

Returns the string value or 'undefined' if the key is not found.

cache.getHash(key, callback)

key - string

Returns the entire hash object using the redis 'HGETALL' command.

cache.delete(key, callback)

key - string

Deletes the key using the redis 'DEL' command.


Returns the total number of keys currently cached


  • cache.client - access the raw redis client
  • cache.hits
  • cache.misses
  • cache.errors
  • cache.default_ttl
  • cache.connects
  • cache.disconnects
  • cache.connected


Ensure you have a local version of redis running.

Install mocha

npm install mocha

Run tests

cd test
mocha test.js --reporter spec