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Cache Breaking Tasks Build Status

Note: This modules does nothing with the file system, that means you'll have to read/write files yourself, or wait for the Grunt & Gulp Plugins


npm install cache-breaker

Use in project

var cacheBreaker = require("cache-breaker");

Usage Examples

Append a timestamp as query string

var string   = '<link href="/style.css" /><link href="/style2.css" />';
cacheBreaker.breakCache(string, ['style.css', 'style2.css']);
// output 
// <link href="/style.css?rel=23452341" /><link href="/style2.css?rel=23452341" /> 

Append a timestamp in the filename

var string   = '<link href="/style.css" />';
cacheBreaker.breakCache(string, 'style.css', {position: 'filename'});
// output 
// <link href="/style.56432352.css" /> 

Overwrite an exiting timestamp

Use this when you have rewrite rules in place.

var string   = '<link href="/style.2452345.css" />';
cacheBreaker.breakCache(string, 'style.*.css', {position: 'overwrite'});
// output 
// <link href="/style.56432352.css" /> 


  • Grunt Plugin
  • Gulp Plugin
  • Accept file src for creating MD5 hash
  • Allow user-specified string in place of timestamp