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    Validates and parses LTI launch requests.

    With caccl-lti, it's easy to enable LTI launches from Canvas. We'll take care of parsing and verifying the validity of launch requests.

    Part of the CACCL library




    const initLTI = require('caccl-lti');
      app: /* express app with express-sessions enabled */,
      installationCredentials: /* { consumer_key, consume_secret }*/,

    The app will now be set up to accept LTI launches at /launch. See "Launch Parsing" below to find info on parsed launches.

    Configuration Options

    When initializing caccl-lti, you can pass in many different configuration options to customize caccl-lti's behavior or turn on/off certain functionality.

    Note: configuration options are optional unless otherwise stated

    Config Option Type Description Default/Required
    app express app express app to add routes to Required
    installationCredentials object LTI consumer credentials of form: { consumer_key, consumer_secret } Required
    launchPath string path to accept launches at (new express POST route added) /launch
    redirectToAfterLaunch string path to redirect to after successful launch same as launchPath
    nonceStore NonceStore a nonce store to use for keeping track of used nonces memory store
    disableAuthorizeOnLaunch boolean if false, redirects to authorizePath after launch is validated and parsed (and includes redirectToAfterLaunch) as the 'next link so that caccl-authorizer redirects to redirectToAfterLaunch after finishing authorization false
    authorizePath string the authorization path (as set up by caccl-authorizer, required if disableAUthorizeOnLaunch is true null

    Launch Parsing

    Launches are automatically parsed and added to session. To retrieve launch info, see the req.session.launchInfo variable, which has the following properties:

    For more detailed information, see Canvas' LTI documentation.

    User Info

    Property Type Description
    userId number Canvas user id of the person who launched the app
    userLoginId string Canvas login id (e.g., university id)
    userEmail string the user's primary Canvas email (changeable in user's profile)
    userFirstName string the user's first name
    userLastName string the user's last name
    userFullName string the user's full name
    userImage string link to user's image
    isInstructor boolean true if the user is an instructor in the launch course
    isTA boolean true if the user is a teaching assistant in the launch course
    isDesigner boolean true if the user is a designer in the launch course
    isCreditLearner boolean true if the user is a for-credit learner (student) in the launch course
    isNonCreditLearner boolean true if the user is a not-for-credit learner (student) in the launch course
    isLearner boolean true if the user any type of learner (student) in the launch course
    notInCourse boolean true if the user is not enrolled in the course
    extRoles string[] list of extended Canvas roles
    roles string[] list of basic Canvas roles (outdated)
    locale string user locale (e.g., "en")

    Launch Info

    Property Type Description
    timestamp number launch timestamp (ms)
    contextId string LTI launch context
    launchPresentationTarget string LTI launch presentation target (e.g., "iframe")
    iframeWidth number iframe width (if applicable)
    iframeHeight number iframe height (if applicable)
    returnURL string LTI return URL
    launchAppTitle string the title of the resource link (app title)
    customParams object mapping (key => value) listing all custom launch parameters and their values

    Course Info

    Property Type Description
    courseId number Canvas course id of the launch course
    enrollmentState string Canvas enrollment state (e.g., "active")

    Canvas Info

    Property Type Description
    contextLabel string the name of the launch context (e.g., course name)
    canvasHost string host of the launch Canvas instance
    workflowState string Canvas workflow status (e.g., "active")


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